Life’sWork facilitators train corporate, institutional and individual clients in Canada and Europe. We deliver the Implicit Career Search (ICS), the Workforce Retention and Preparedness Training program (WRAPT), and The Human Element® (THE) in Canada. Our managing partners bring diverse backgrounds in operational and executive mining company management, clinical psychotherapy practice and specialized experience in career consulting and workshop creation and facilitation.

Our programs have trained thousands of individuals and corporate groups, in seven countries, over twenty years:

  • To increase individual awareness and define the contribution they will make through their work
  • To identify and define career goals and create short, long and medium term career plans
  • To implement career plans through mentoring and coaching
  • To build high-trust direct communication in work teams creating collaborative environments in business organizations

The new WRAPT program offers northern oil and gas and mining companies a unique opportunity to improve workforce retention and build more effective and committed work teams in the field.

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Implicit Career Search


The Implicit Career Search® is an innovative, purposeful approach to career exploration and planning that is currently being utilized by career and life coaches, employment facilitators and management-trainers across Europe and North America. Read more



The Workforce Retention and Preparedness Training (WRAPT) program is offered to western Canadian oil and gas and mining companies to improve staff retention and increase the focus, commitment, resilience and teamwork of your field workforce and office staff. Read more

The Human Element

The Human Element

The Human Element ® provides a highly effective integrated training program that teaches individuals at all levels of business organizations to communicate with greater directness and awareness resulting in increased personal accountability. Read more